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Welcome to SPA TIME! Where Elegance is Unleashed!

Spa Time is where your canine companion's grooming dreams come true! We're not just a grooming salon; we're your pet's personal pampering paradise. Imagine your pup sashaying into our salon, tail wagging with excitement, ready to dive into a world of pure doggy delight. Our talented groomers aren't just pros; they're the fairy godparents of doggy makeovers. From fluffy furballs to sleek and chic, they've got the magic touch that transforms messy mutts into dapper darlings. We've got style options that cater to every personality – whether your pup is a trendsetting tail-wagger or a laid-back lounging lover. But that's not all, folks! Spa Time is all about the full doggy spa experience. Picture your pup lounging in a warm, bubbling bath surrounded by aromatherapy scents rivalling the fanciest human spas. Our rejuvenating massages will have them feeling so zen they might just start meditating (or at least that's what we like to imagine). And when it comes to the hair game, we're the real deal. We'll snip, trim, and style with precision, turning your pup into the neighbourhood's top dog fashionista. We use only the finest pet-friendly products because, let's be honest, your dog deserves nothing but the best. At Spa Time, it's not just a grooming appointment; it's a date with destiny. Your furball will strut out of here with their head held high, radiating confidence and style that will make other dogs do double takes. So, if your pup's fur game is looking more "wild and untamed" than "red carpet ready," it's time to treat them to a day at Spa Time – where fluff and fashion collide in the most fabulous way possible!

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Karolina Wolf

Head Groomer (Owner)

Johnny Wolf

General Manager (Owner)

Grace Gillies

Groomer Assistant

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