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Snif-Snax Atlantic Salmon Skin Cracklings 30g



Atlantic Salmon (100%).


Satisfy your dog’s cravings with our oven-baked Atlantic salmon skin treats. With a crunchy texture and a smoky aroma, these treats offer a healthy and nutritious reward. Pure goodness in every bite!

At Snif-Snax, we’re all about giving your pets the best. With over 40 years of experience in the salmon industry, we’ve created a range of all-natural pet treats using premium fresh Atlantic salmon. Our goal is simple: provide your pet with tasty and healthy treats that they’ll love. Each bite of Snif-Snax is baked to perfection, locking in essential vitamins and minerals. We only use quality ingredients without any artificial additives, colours, preservatives, or unnecessary fillers. Snif-Snax dog treats aren’t just treats—they’re a delicious way to strengthen the bond with your four-legged companion.


 Free delivery options available over £40

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