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Houndsley HUMBLE 5 in 1 Coat Magic Spray – Blueberry Muffin

SKU 5060855861541


Our 5 in 1 Coat Magic Spray can replace your magic wand in the salon.

Save time, make the grooming process easier, and elevate results!

REDUCE DRYING TIME even with less heat, increasing efficency, saving time and avoiding heat damage.

ANTI-STATIC makes smoother scissoring easier.

Achieve a flawless finish with its FIZZ EASE effect.

CONDITION & NOURISH dry and damaged coats


EFFORTLESS DETANGLE whilst minimising breakages – using no silicones


All the bottles we use are PCR – Post Consumer Recycled, this means they are made of recycled plastic and our formula is entirely biodegradable to minimise our impact on the planet! We also work with bottles that contain Prevented Ocean Plastic too, which actively helps to reduce plastic in the oceans.


Only 3 left in stock

 Free delivery options available over £40

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